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What’s The Matter by Milo Greene

theme song in Supernatural S08E04 ‘Bitten’

Dreamer, you will waste your time
Do you ever wonder why
We go on and on and on?
Love is gone and gone and gone

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FBI agents don't say 'awesome' that much

  1. Dean: Sam?
  2. Sam: Yeah?
  3. Dean: Do I really say 'awesome' a lot?
  4. Sam: No. No, no.
  5. Dean: Awesome.
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Sam swinging Thor’s hammer

That’s just too close to perfection.

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You know what is better than one private island? Two private islands.
Pluto in What’s Up Tiger Mommy?
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Not leaving without you

  1. Dean: Cass, buddy, I need you.
  2. Cass: Dean...
  3. Dean: And if Leviathans wanna take a shot at us, let them. We ganged those bitches once before, we can do it again.
  4. Cass: It's too dangerous.
  5. Dean: Let me bottom line it for you. I'm not leaving here without you. Understand?
  6. Cass: I understand.
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I think too much heart was always Castiel’s problem.
Alfie (actually, Samandriel) to Dean in What’s Up Tiger Mommy?
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Listen to moose, squirrel.
Crowley to Dean referring to Sam in What’s Up Tiger Mommy?
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Driver picks the music. Shotgun shuts his cake hole.

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Tonight’s The Night - s02e02


There is only one man who could get away with that and that man is John Barrowman.

Please note that Prince Harry also slapped John Barrowman’s ass. That is a mutual high five/ass slap combo there, folks. IJS.

I don’t know what on earth is happening here, but I LOVE EVERYONE IN THIS BAR.

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The times when the Doctor almost admitted that he loved Rose Tyler

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